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As of July 9, 2019, the township is now a participating member in the Knox HomeBox Program. These HomeBox’s are designed to be mounted at a residence and hold one key, allowing first responders access to the dwelling in the event of an emergency (Fire, Medical, etc.). This product is ideal for the elderly that live on their own and do not have family that live close by, as it can cut down on time that first responders have to wait for a key holder to show up and allow them inside a dwelling. This product is under $200.00 and some insurance companies will give you a discount for having one at your residence.

The Knox HomeBox costs $183.00 plus shipping. They can be purchased at:

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Summer Safety Tips

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April 19, 1931 – May 20, 2019

Dick, you will always live in our hearts and prayers. As a life member, the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Department appreciates your years of service. Rest in Peace.

Chief William H. Cass

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Congratulations to Chief William Cass, along with members of other area departments, for completing the IAFC Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Certification!Facebookmail